Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Being a Foster Dog Mom - Fostering Hale

I absolutely love being a foster dog mom. It is very rewarding to know you are getting these dogs out of the shelter and into a forever home. Our first foster was Luna, and she found her forever home pretty quickly, which is the goal! 

(Read up on my last blog post to learn more about Luna's story.)

After we found Luna her forever home, there was another dog in need of a foster through Huntsville Animal Services. Their shelter was at it's max and they were about to get a transport of new dogs. Hale had been at the shelter a couple of weeks and ended up developing kennel cough. It's very common in shelter dogs. It's just like humans developing the common cold. Not a very big deal, but if a dog stays at the shelter with kennel cough, ALL the dogs get it. They needed him out first before all 184 dogs got it. That's where we come in. I was nervous at first since we have Ralphie already and he's obviously our number one priority. But we do have an outside gated area in the shade that's perfect for dogs, and we thought it was very important to help this poor pup and get him out of the shelter before he gets all the dogs sick and what better place than our secluded outside area? Ralphie stays inside mostly except when he's playing so we weren't really worried about Ralphie getting sick.

So here comes Hale. This is a picture of him right before he left the shelter. Look at that FACE!

Hale was about the size of Ralphie, just a little longer. He barked about the first 30 minutes upon arriving at our house then got a little more comfortable. He would growl and snap at Nick but learned very quickly that was not right. He stayed separated from Ralph for the first couple days due to the sickness. He did great on a leash, loved long walks, and enjoyed his separated space in his outside kennel (anytime Ralph would try to go in Hale would growl).

After a few days, Hale and Ralph clicked and LOVED to play.

You could tell after the first few days of being at our house that Hale was really enjoying his stay!

As I always do, I posted a picture of Hale and a little bit of his description and after a few shares Hale found his new family. Facebook can sure be good for some things!

The last day Hale was at our house I brought him inside for the first time, and he instantly jumped on the couch, so I figured he was an inside dog. I planned on giving him a bath and bringing him in that night, but it was time to say good-bye. Just like that, Hale was off to his new home.

He looks terrified in the picture above, but I promise he hopped up in my lab and was loving it.

I enjoy sharing love with my foster dogs. Even though they're only with us a short time, and YES I want to keep them all but it's just impossible, this is such a rewarding blessing and I'm so happy to help find these dogs their forever home!