Friday, February 19, 2016

When You Stop Putting Crap In Your Mouth

I have always loved chocolate. And bread. Oh, how I love bread. Somehow after I got married my body completely changed and there went an extra added twenty pounds. Then when I started stressing about the extra weight I've put on, there went another added  ten pounds. AHHHHHHHH! Awful, I know. I guess after I got married I got into a completely different schedule with work, bills, and cleaning the house, which by the way, I have no idea how my house gets so dirty so fast so I'm blaming it on Ralphie. Anyway, back to my weight gain.... I decided a few weeks ago I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. So I made a few life changes and have learned a few different things along the way.

First thing I did was go to the dentist. Yes, you heard me correctly. I started having a horrible toothache that hurt so bad I couldn't even eat anything on that side of my mouth. The dentist said I have a horrible, messed up jaw muscle that functions completely different than everyone else's. Wonderful. I have an overbite, and every time I bite down my teeth are all touching at different times causing stress on my jaw muscles. He said that's one reason why I have such a fat face. Okay, he didn't really say that, but that's basically what he meant. I pretty much have a body builder jaw muscle. My tooth pain was caused by my stressed out jaw muscle. The dentist told me I didn't need to open my mouth too much, but I also didn't need to close it all the way. Also, he said only eat soft foods. My gosh, am I just an 87 year old woman in a 24 year old body... So there was a good excuse to seriously start a life style change.

Next, I cut back on my portions. WAY back. Like eating half of what I was eating on a daily basis. I was "hungry" the first couple days and found myself just wanting to pick up some food when I was bored or didn't have anything to do. I have found that it's amazing how much food your body needs when you're giving it the correct amount and type of food. Depending on your daily activity, your body really doesn't need as much as I thought. I haven't been starving myself, but I also haven't been stuffing my face to the point I can't breath.

Next, I cut the crap. Junk food, including stacks and desserts, foods full of sugar, and bread. Yep, I cut my one true love. Spark helps me with morning and afternoon cravings. After 3 weeks, my "skinny" jeans said thank you. It might feel good at the time while you're eating those things, but they never really make you full, they just make you want more of it to try and make you full. It's amazing how much better you feel when you cold-turkey quit the junk.

Last, I've been weighing myself every other day. I hate the scale, and I never would weight myself. Probably one place I went wrong before. Now that I keep up with my weight more closely, I can see that if I've gained a little, I'll think back to what I ate the day before and change my ways. So far I've just continued to lose, but I know there will be a time where it might go back up. I just have to stay strong and don't give up because I just seriously have no choice. 

Nine pounds down, twenty one to go!

Friday, February 12, 2016


Whew, what a week! So happy it is Friday and I get to enjoy the weekends doing whatever I want and not working. That's SO nice. Here's my week in recap!

Monday: Meh... That's what I think about Monday's. Work, of course, and then I have Upward cheerleading practice. We have our games every Saturday morning, and last Saturday I had the girls cheering by myself (my partner had to work). They were not feeling it Saturday. Not paying attention, pouting, and most importantly not listening to me. So Monday I walk in practice a little late and the other coach is giving them a talk on respect and how they should have listened to me on Saturday. They all looked so sad, but they listened the rest of the practice and some of the girls even apologized to me. I love my cheerleaders, but man does it confirm my decision why I am NOT ready for kids.....

Tuesday: Everyone freaked out about the weather, what's new. Yes, it was snowing that morning and in SOME places sticking, but it quit shortly after 9am where I was. All of the schools around us closed, so the company I work for decided to close at 12pm! That was awesome! I got to come home and clean the house, and the roads we not bad at all so I got to make a trip to Kroger and just relax. It was nice having a half a day off!

Wednesday: One of my busiest days right now. I've been having to wake up earlier and go to the Town Creek clinic because there isn't a nurse over there right now and my doctor goes over there on Wednesday mornings. I usually just stay half a day but I had to stay a whole day this past Wednesday and didn't leave till a little after 5, and it takes me at least an hour to get back home because of all the traffic from people getting off of work. I didn't get to make it to church, and after I came home and showered, I skipped choir practice (sorry choir peeps), and went straight to bed!! I was exhausted.

Thursday: I woke up very disappointed it wasn't Friday yet! Since it's almost Valentine's Day, everyone at work was bringing goodies like chocolate, cookies, and cupcakes and I'm over here starving trying to get ready for summer. If you know me, I've been dieting HARD CORE recently and have lost 7lbs (YAY)! I haven't eaten bread or junk and have been doing great, and THEN a rep comes in our office and brings in THREE dozen hot Krispy Kreme donuts....... I gave in. I couldn't resist! So I came home and worked hard on the spin bike for 45 minutes and barely ate supper. Oh, the things we do for a little cheat snack. Grey's and Scandal finally came back on, and I hate to say I just wish Grey's would end already. I LOVE the show, but after Derek died, a little part inside me died also. Nick makes fun of me, but I'm still upset. Scandal really disappointed me, too. Olivia is a little huzzy. I wish she would just pick one guy and stay with him!

Friday: WOOHOOOO!!!! It's going to be a great day. I have to do some Valentine's shopping when I get off, and plan to clean the house.

Everyone have a great Friday!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

When You Start Spending Your Weekends Nights At Home

When you start spending your weekend nights at home more often than you go out and do things, you're officially a grown up. No, maybe not really, but that's the conclusion I've come too.

After a long work week, I want nothing more than just to relax and do a whole lot of nothing. Can I get an AMEN? My dad asked me what time I normally go to sleep and I responded with, "If it's 9pm and I'm not already in bed, then I'm going to be tired in the morning."  I don't know if I'm just more tired lately or what but I need my sleep. I don't see how all you working mothers sleep like 3 hours a night. I think I would go into shock from lack of sleep. Ralph also starts winding down about 8:45ish and he's just too cute not to cuddle with in bed (that's my sweet baby dog, by the way)!

I don't have the desire to go and stay out all night anymore either because it sure is exhausting! I used to enjoy doing things like that but thank goodness my heart is in a different place now. Matthew 6:21 says, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." That's so important for everyone to remember, and I've really taken that to heart.

SO... ain't no shame in going to bed at 9pm. Get your rest, wake up early, watch the sunrise. I think that is the best time to spend with yourself and The Lord. I enjoy doing my quiet time at night before I go to bed, but being able to have that special time in the early mornings just to think about the day ahead and pray for the upcoming day, you couldn't start out any day better than that!

Now, GO TO BED! :]

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

When Your Patients or Their Families Say "Thank You"

I never expect a "thank you" from any of my patients or their families. I do what I do because it is my job and it is something I am called to do. Most of the time patients are hateful and they expect you to drop everything you're doing because apparently the world revolves around them. When patients are hateful, I just have to remind myself that there must be a bigger issue there and they're just taking it out on me. Which is fine, whatever. I may take it too hard sometimes, but at least I can go home and be with my family and spend some time with God and be happy no matter what the circumstances are. 

For every 50 hateful patients, there's at least one grateful one. One patient I had told me all of their life problems and how they just had no where else to turn and didn't know what to do, and all I did was listen, and they told me they've never had someone so sweet to talk to and they were just so thankful I listened to them. It makes you feel good inside even when you respond with, "Oh, it's not a problem darlin', it's my job and I enjoy doing it."

I've never had more grateful patients than when I worked hospice. I loved getting to know my families and somewhat becoming a part of their family  for a short time. Even while their loved one is passing from this world and you can't do anything but comfort them and pray with them, that's okay. Sometimes that's all people need is just your presence. Working hospice, my nursing skills weren't needed much, but my presence was needed on a daily basis. Of course I had my patients to take care of, but I also had their families, too. 

During Upward cheer practice, I've been teaching my little second graders on how meaningful the words "thank you" are. It really does mean more than you think when you say it. God knows just when you need to hear those words, too. It'll be right after a long, awful day where you think you're just not in the right place and someone takes the time to write you a note, send you a letter, or tell you in person what a difference you made in their life and they couldn't be more thankful for you. It means so much.

Just two simple words go such a long way. I think it's so important for nurses to hear a "thank you" every now and then. And not just nurses, "thank you" should be used everyday in your life to show others how much you appreciate them. Let's all take some time today and tell other's "thank you" for simple acts of kindness or what a difference they're made in your life. You never know when someone just needs to hear it!
This was a year or so ago when I worked at CRMC. I had an awful night and leaving my shift I had a family go to Jack's and buy my breakfast, AND bring it back before I even clocked out. It's the little things.