Monday, September 19, 2016

Being a Foster Dog Mom--Fostering Bud

Bud is foster dog number four. He has also been the hardest. He came to us terrified--wouldn't let me touch him for the first two days and anytime I would come near, he would snap at me. This dog had me stressing big time. Not to mention he came without a name and the only thing I could think to call him was Bud.

He warmed up after two to three days and would not stop following me around! I've learned his favorite thing to do is just cuddle. He wants to be beside me constantly, and I don't mind at all because he is just as sweet as can be!

We originally planned on only doing short term fostering, but after 12 weeks Bud still hadn't found a home. We were worried about him getting around people to begin with because he's not the friendliest dog like Ralph. We didn't want him to snap and growl at his potential new adopted parents. So we kept him close. Maybe too close as you can see from the dog carrier I got below. I couldn't help myself considering he LOVES to be right beside me.

Bud loves to give kisses and sleep. He loves it at our house, we could tell. Nick and I talked the other day and decided it would be devastating to Bud to have to start over. He has already done so well here and has adapted great, so we decided it would be best that we are going to put an end to Bud's foster journey and adopt him! We weren't expecting to adopt any of our fosters, and I had done so well before, but Bud has already been with us so long and he really does love it with us. And we love him just as much.

I would HIGHLY recommend fostering animals to anyone interested. I foster through Ruff Tales K-9 ResQ through Huntsville Animal Services. They provide all the shots, vaccinations, food, blankets, toys, etc. All you have to provide is the home. You are making a HUGE difference in the lives of these animals and providing them with the upmost love possible. The animals appreciate it and so does the shelter, because if an animal is in your home, that means there is a spot available for another animal to come in at the shelter. If you're thinking of getting a dog/cat, please go see your local shelter!

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