Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why Birthday's Should Be Special

Birthday's were huge growing up in my house. We always had decorations and cake for breakfast, and no matter what that was YOUR special day.

I've met a lot of people who say birthday's are just another day and they're no big deal, but seriously though it IS special.

YOU are special.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I have nobody. I don't have any friends and I'm not special to anyone but my husband.

For my birthday this year I wanted to have my family and work family over for a cookout. I LOVE having gatherings at my house and I love to host anything. Most importantly, I love the company.

I invited basically my whole family and work family. I didn't expect a whole bunch of people but we had plenty of food just in case. Literally TONS of people showed up. Some brought food and others brought gifts. At the age of 25, I thought birthday gifts were only bought by myself or my husband, but I was showered with gifts!

Everything written in the cards was so thoughtful and all the gifts were perfect: Hobby Lobby, Bath and Body Works, dog frame, bible study, food gift cards/date nights, huge water bottle, etc.

I sat down in tears.

All of these people came for ME. They brought gifts and gathered for food for ME. Like, what?! And I had DOUBLE the family come because when you get married you gain a whole family and it's such a blessing!

I never thought people cared about me like that. I knew people probably cared about me, but this was a huge eye opener to me. This is why birthday's are special, because YOU are special to everyone. People do love you and care about you and some even want to celebrate with you!

I am so thankful to have had all those people I love come spend their Sunday with me for my birthday. I am beyond blessed.

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  1. You are loved!!!! I love you bunches!!!!!! Had so much fun too!!!!